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Your privacy is important to us.
Safeguarding your privacy and the security of your personal information is important to us. Please take a few minutes to read the following policy so that you understand how we treat your personal information. As we continuously improve and expand our services, this policy might change. So please check it out periodically. If you have questions about our policy, please email us at

How we collect information about you.
We collect information in three ways:

We collect information that our customers supply to us.
We collect information from emails and other contacts sent to us by our customers and users of our website.

Further details are provided below.

What personal information we collect from our users.
When you set up an account at Ceative Engineering to use our services, you are required to provide us with your first name, last name, and email address. You may also provide a full street address including city, state and zip code, and telephone number. You must also choose your Username and Password and provide those to us.

Every time you use our service, we collect information about the what services you select . We collect additional information about how you use our website and service.
If you contact us by letter, phone, or email through the contact information on the "Customer Feedback" page, we will collect your sender information and may collect the other information you voluntarily disclose to us.

Our use of cookies.
Like many websites on the Internet, our website may use cookies. Cookies are small strings of data placed on users' personal computer hard drives during the exchange of data that happens when your browser points to our website. Cookies enable a website to identify a user's browser as a previous visitor by means of a unique string of numbers assigned on a previous visit. Our cookies are used for recording any preferences you indicate on our website. We also use cookies to make your experience on more personalized and convenient.

Our cookies cannot and do not retrieve any other data from your hard drive or pass on computer viruses. If you are just browsing one of our secure websites, a cookie identifies you to our site to assist in the login process. If you do not want us to use cookies, just make sure the 'Remember Me' checkbox is not checked. In any case, all cookies are erased after 1 month of inactivity.

How we store the information we collect.
We store the information you provide to us and the information we collect electronically in our computer databases. Our computer servers containing our databases are owned and operated by Interland, and are under tight security controls. Access to our computer servers is controlled by firewalls and security gatekeepers.

How we use the information we collect.
We use the personal information about you stored in our member database in various ways. First, the next time you use our service and enter your User ID and Password, we will call up your information from our database to make your visit faster and easier.

We do not sell your personal information, or any information that can be identified to you personally, to any third-party marketers or other third parties. We do aggregate information about how our service is used (without specific identification to any particular user) to be able to improve our service and make it more responsive to our customers' preferences.

You can control how information about you is used.
You can also limit our communications directly to you. If you are a registered member on one of our secure sites, you can change your preferences, or opt out of receiving emails, at any time by going to Edit User Profile on the main User page. There, you can update your email address, phone numbers, password, address and other preferences. Our emails to you will stop within 5 business days.

Creative Engineering may from time to time send non promotional email to all registered users for the purpose of gathering and dispersing data to provide better services to our customers. Registered users will be under no obligation to reply or answer questions in said non promotional email. Non promotional email will include, but will not be limited to surveys, maintenance notices and system updates.

Our policies may change.
This is our current privacy and security policy, but we reserve the right to change our website and this policy at any time. You should check this privacy policy periodically. If our policies regarding collection, storage and use of your information change, the information collected under prior policies will continue to be governed by those policies, unless we obtain your consent to use that information in new ways.

You can access your information.
Upon your request, we will provide you with access to your unique account-related information and information from contacts that we maintain about you. In your request, please provide us with your current specific contact information so that we can accurately check our records.

How is my information protected?
Your information is password-protected. In order to maintain this protection, we caution you not to provide your password to anyone. We do not give your password to anyone. We recommend that, if you share your computer with other people, you close your browser window when your session is completed. Signing off will protect your information if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place like a library.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.
We want you to enjoy your use of Creative Engineering's website. If you have any questions, or believe that a violation of this policy may have occurred, please let us know. Our complete contact information is provided on the Contact Us page.

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