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Making the Most out of Technology

With the current state of technology, it is possible to create exciting and compelling virtual environments that captivate those who are exposed to them. Utilizing 'you are there' panoramic images, virtual walk-thru tours, streaming video presentations, high resolution digital photography, and the vast array of available multimedia tools, we can help you develop marketing, training, and support materials for your customers that will set your business far apart from your competition.

Panoramic Picture
Panoramic Picture

Walk-Thru Tours: Based on panoramic photography techniques, walk-thru tours give site visitors full 360 degree views of objects or locations. We utilize professional digital cameras, wide angle lenses, and special lighting to ensure the highest quality panoramas. Utilizing a vast array of multimedia development tools, we can enhance the images to allow cloudy days to be sunny, or to remove unwanted or personal objects from the photographs and panoramas.

Streaming Video Presentations: An excellent way to 'tell your story', videos can provide a compelling experience for your customers and allow them to become familiar with you and your services on their own terms. Short introductions and descriptions of services/products are ideal candidates for web and CD Rom based delivery. We utilize the three major technologies for video - Flash, Quicktime and Windows Media.

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